The year of rational development in DC in 2010

China’s Internet has undergone several years of rapid development, but also achieved rapid development of the IDC industry. Some people say: IDC industry is like the Internet’s real estate manufacturers, for various enterprises to provide the necessary space and server Internet, to help the Internet business development. It is understood that, at present, China has more than 300 million of Internet users, network applications are maturing, IDC enterprises have experienced 09 years of the first knockout.

from the beginning of 08 years, IDC industry suffered an unprecedented severe test, before the Olympic Games, China’s first record war started. Followed is the block, breaking out frequently, causing a certain influence to the society, and to let more enterprises realize IDC and Chinese Internet development process must strengthen the rectification and supervision. Because many IDC enterprises lack software security measures such as flooding, information filtering and so on, the spam on the Internet is rampant. Under the guidance of the communications authority, software and hardware have been purchased to filter illegal and illegal information to ensure that Internet information is normal.

, the author interviewed Mr. Fan Caijun, director of operation of the century China, 09 years IDC industry phenomenon made the following summary:

1.09 years, the entire IDC industry is in a steady recovery state,

from the beginning of the 08 year Olympic Games, the national entry into the "strike hard" record, a large number of sites have not been closed because of the record. Does not meet the requirements, as well as a large number of illegal and illegal sites can not be recorded for shutting down, but affected by the small and medium-sized enterprises, tens of thousands of websites have been shut down. The reason is very simple, many SMEs do not have the sense of filing, but also do not understand the Internet, when the site can not open, it is tense up to the record. From the end of 08, business has been shrinking, once because a large number of non filing sites, as well as illegal customers to reduce the impact of IDC business, until the beginning of 09, business began to rebound.

2. video, music, download and other sites subject to serious impact (copyright issues)

The domestic enterprise

have scanty audio-visual license, in the domestic policy constraints, the original bandwidth needs of a large number of video sites and download site, suddenly shut down and collapse, leading to IDC operators scale to reduce bandwidth.

3. package subcontracting no longer exists,

can be said that the achievements of the rapid development of agents, IDC contracting in China, so many IDC has no way to wholesale resources to agents, caused a direct loss of a large number of customers, most turn to become direct customers of telecommunications. Subcontracting is actually a superficial phenomenon, because of the lack of IDC operators, management has not timely control of good information, monitoring of harmful information. Even if the following agents and channels, as long as there is a really effective monitoring and management mechanism, is unlikely to occur again compass similar situation. IDC subcontracting no longer, in 2010 is bound to enter the direct customer dispute, IDC channels basically no longer exist.


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