Confused how do do a good job site

know stationmaster net has been for several months, will have the habit of open learning experience with the senior stationmaster net every day, today is the first time to publish the first statement, if you want to learn the experience of busy, please don’t look down. This is a waste of your precious time… Please don’t write well understanding ~


website has been 5 months, up to now I have not a decent website, is to spend a lot of money, left me as if only one word to describe " " tired; however, I still felt very excited, how do you say so.? the beginning I have access to the Internet dream of the school website, he went online to find some code data like a home, but that very few pages of heavy good mood don’t know how to say.. from that moment I firmly believe that I finally found something I love. That is the website, from then on all my right looking for information in the Internet bubble get ah yes, these are a year ago. This changed the working environment suddenly decided to be prompted by a sudden impulse own website, June when accidentally saw a friend wanted to sell his 1500 dollars I decided to sell the station again Is a non mainstream QQ station when I contact when the station has been sold, a little lost, thought that oneself please get one, do not the ability to do the selling station Laobiao. Out of the 200 yuan to buy his space and he according to his Station Lane meters a thief is not thought of that. I know the soil righteousness novice has been deceiving me. I do not know can not use " liar " to describe him, but he gave me the feeling is very poor integrity on his head… I was more than 500 to now the two station still basking in good faith so who dare to make the station difference do? So reluctantly bought two space friends to help make it the two station,

I want to now is only the beginning, who told me so love this station call it.. ha ha of course I can’t use the " webmaster; " to call me, because I still have what not, start a non mainstream forum. This is the website I’ll not describe it well… Now that I think is really should think of the good website development station before… This station within a month for several times. The template version for several times, I think Baidu would throw me into the sandbox. Fortunately I was lucky. Hee hee for the month change to the changed version of Baidu once again updated. He is really lucky I thought…

but I want to remind friends or that words do stand before you want to website development trends like me in the first part of the loss of Membership… Presumably these consequences we must know better than me. I don’t talk nonsense in this.

until now, I feel the station is so hard, busy every day to go, but no harvest. I’m really confused. I do not know after 90 non mainstream fans and Kunming 3>

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