A brief talk on the brand road of local talent network

engaged in human resources for several years, has been thinking of operating in the local brand of talent web site, has been engaged in the newspaper recruitment business I was a target, but also an opportunity. A few years ago, engaged in Internet products, there are some years, the operation of talent networks, brand building, there are some of their own views and relatively agree with the idea: the Internet – sooner rather than done well. The website wants to develop, the premise is that her business idea: website can provide valuable products and valuable function; can provide users with efficiency, save time and help; can create wealth savings for the user and the user experience can do, of course; as the enterprise more and other factors, such as an enterprise the enterprise culture and so on.

Wuxi is one of the ten most popular cities in Jiangsu and even in the country. Talent exchanges are very active, which brings opportunities for the development of talent networks. Before the newspaper recruitment period there are a lot of customers complain to me, difficult to recruit people, do the government’s talent network (many enterprises will choose the number of recruitment channel recruitment service) is too poor, helpless to give up, money is not a good service. After the study of the regional government under the part of the business website, the user experience is not ideal, the job content basically did not work, more is the service is not in place, in this context, the founder of Wuxi talent network (www.wxjob.com


one, talent network brand road – domain name, good domain name will bring more advantages to its development,

good domain is mainly reflected in the popular and easy to remember, there is a strong regional advantage, of course, now is certainly not registered, you can try to see what’s not previously registered website or site operation is not ideal, can talk with each other about the right turn over, if direct registration, must choose to remember, for future promotion greatly saving, province is pocket money, I do not recommend registration with "-", COM is the best international domain name.

Wuxi talent network as a senior old domain name has a strong regional advantage, have the establishment basis, not behind the search referrals ranking, but the site has been in a state of neglect, so it can be inferred that the domain name right price must be in the bag, without it, the two sides quickly settled, after all the other this domain is not optimistic.

two, the road of talent network brand – effectiveness (website procedures, do Kung Fu, good user experience)

operations, the site responds faster. No user likes to wait for a page that has not been opened yet. Don’t save money on the server, the whole good computer room. Sometimes, save money is a waste of money, the server is not good to buy, the computer room is not good, re – change, this is a waste of money. So, you have to change it.

allows users to operate quickly on the web site. It can be done in one step, not in three steps. For the talent network, users can’t find the content they want after opening, and there is too little space for the position or position required

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