How to join Beijing three brothers roast duck restaurant

we all know China no one can compare with the Roasted Duck brand Beijing Roast Duck, Beijing Quanjude Roast Duck worldwide, in a sense, it is not only a representative of catering brand is more representative of the China delicacy. Rumor has it that Beijing roast duck is a new source of Beijing roast duck, which has been growing more and more famous since the founding of new china. This snack, have a high enthusiasm for consumption in the food and beverage market popular hot! But every consumer tastes are not the same, the three brothers Roasted Duck shop, Beijing three brothers joined Roasted Duck headquarters in Beijing "to retain the old royal taste at the same time, suitable for different regions of national consumer tastes, but also the development of the secret recipe is different, guaranteed to meet all the diners taste into the store needs


how about joining Beijing three brothers roast duck restaurant?

The three

brothers Roasted Duck products win the market, with the strength to join the cause of the convoy, for the majority of entrepreneurs, is truly worthy of choice and grasp the opportunities and rich good! Now join Beijing three brothers Roasted Duck shop, a few thousand dollars to small business, easy boss, save money, save time, effort and worry good project than a snack for breakfast, even less investment, easy to shop, some worry


Beijing three brothers roast duck restaurant how to join the Beijing roast duck restaurant to join the three brothers process:


to submit preliminary negotiations about cooperation for "join the qualification examination, signed a cooperation agreement to determine the location of headquarters, design, decoration, selection of products and to confirm the order, delivery, guidance and training, including technical guidance, management characteristics, service specification, store management, marketing planning, product display, store and organize and store the grand opening of Beijing, the three brothers Roasted Duck franchise headquarters tracking guidance.

Beijing three brothers Roasted Duck, the secret recipe, strict production process, to create a different kind of flavor delicacy, best-selling market, highly sought after! Beijing three brothers Roasted Duck exclusive shop, business is hot, delicious, join the wealth free!


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