What are the requirements for small business venture capital

venture capital is always a major problem plaguing entrepreneurs, so many entrepreneurs have turned to small businesses, so what is the process of small business, small business is how much money? Let us follow the whole network Xiaobian look at.

How much money in the end

to the low investment project as an example, the required funds mainly consists of the following parts:

A, the cost of the project itself.

referred to here is the direct cost to the selected project. For example, you have to face a certain technology or correspondence fees, buy a machine equipment costs, a project cost of joining. If you are directly to the project side to check, but also need to count your travel expenses.

two, business equipment, tools and other expenses.

three, rent, housing renovation costs and liquidity.

these costs in the budget, should be calculated according to the local market, rent generally at least 3 months in charge, because the rent now is at least a quarter to pay, some are paid once half a year or a year. Housing renovation costs depending on their projects. If it is to open a restaurant, in accordance with the provisions of the local health and epidemic prevention departments, otherwise can not pass, to obtain a business license is more difficult. As a kind of store decoration, if the products, but also in the window of the cost of container. Working capital is calculated according to the specific circumstances.

four, business license and other similar charges.

five, business turnover funds needed.


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