A college student rebate network flash in the pan where did wrong

walking in the campus, from time to time to see a lot of distribute leaflets figure, with fruit, secondary trading, sales, selling clothes and other kinds of leaflets, sometimes into the bedroom to do publicity, make you dazzling, but such a campus at a loss; promotion way, interest rate is how much? Conversion rate? The next new Chen used an example to answer slowly.

remember last month, Chen saw the new campus advertising rebate network in a lot of dormitory building before the blackboard, and then received two consecutive leaflets in the bedroom, leaflets is the use of color painting description, advertisement design is good, let me a glance heart, forced to wait want to open the computer to enter the URL and see; in front of the restaurant, the campus square is also its site promotion site, moved a few tables, hang a few banners, there is beauty in the way of publicity;, sign collar coupons, and complimentary gift; this propaganda way let me so? There is such a scene, they are the three layers of the three layer surrounded by the enthusiasm of the students…… Then? The new Chen linked to the person in charge of their team, there are 6 people, money is we get out of the commodity is joining other brands online, is anchored in a union; half a month after the new Chen know through some data is: the website weight =1, PR=0. The expected traffic rarely, keywords ranking, not to mention the conversion rate, now the site has been closed……

, did you smile? Why? Why did the flyers send so much and the live activities so warm? How did the result come so bad?

new Chen think, like this campus rebate network, they go way of promotion began wrong, so wrong promotion way how can there be achievement?


Chen think there are several reasons for this: This is the university campus, a complex information, every day there are a large number of fresh blood into the local information, can be said that every day more toward the update, you distribute leaflets is in place, but there is no look up? Threw leaflets everywhere, really see there are several leaflets? Because the students are already dead! The new flyer before Chen, gave me the second-hand trading website to do publicity, when into the bedroom, just knock on the inside of the students said, is distribute leaflets? We don’t need this, go out; even the bedroom door also wrote a: the bedroom does not accept any flyers. Oh, not to say that the new Chen distribute leaflets is not good, but see you where! You in the bedroom? Students have disgusted! You in the dining room? The students were hungry, hurry to eat who look at your school dining room, the leaflets? Square before a table, there are a few beauty in indeed, popularity is very popular, but the new Chen blog believe that many students in order to see the beauty of your products? Not even be at leisure with


Chen believes that in fact the promotion of these rebates, group purchase has a lot of potential in the campus; but the campus net rebate failed! The new Chen think, if you do this, the campus group purchase rebate, do not choose to join.

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