Discard free classified information website experience sharing

is now doing more and more classified information stations, and classified information has become an essential part of the local website, or simply around the classified information, but also to build local websites. The classified information procedures are more and more professional, such as man, is a professional marine classification information program is now widely used, a variety of CMS program also has the corresponding information classification module. This has to do classified information webmaster brought convenience. But with the program is just beginning, the operation and profitability of classified information is the key, the following from two aspects of simple analysis.

1. The first road to tight encirclement – Classification, reconstruction,

my point of view: in fact, this is not necessary, and the current classification model is good enough, the most sought after is simple and direct, suitable for Internet users.

two. Break through the second road – discard free

my point of view: This is considered before, some netizens say that free is the train of thought, the truth is that there are some. Making fees possible is great. But the process is pretty complicated. Where is the classified information website?


1. changes existing patterns and breaks established rules before.

2. transformation or increase user stickiness function, and so on.

3. combines tradition to turn competition into complementary or break traditional barriers.

4. quickly establishes a trusted brand or brand mechanism.

5. bought its own website with a similar function to a major reorganization.

to change the existing mode, the newspaper information is copied or user to add information, not a guided process and corresponding mechanism. So how does the pattern change,


charge mode

A. to extract as a forward, with the newspaper or agents to reach an agreement, the cost of forwarding charge users, such as forwarding a fee is 2 yuan, the newspaper or agents can get contact costs 1.5 yuan. And the website gets 0.5 yuan of fees.

B. had turned into a brand-name brand, according to the newspaper’s phone to contact the customer, the accumulation of customers, promotion platform, direct charge, annual or month period appropriate fee. The benefits are selective customers, and highly motivated customers.

C. changes network media for life and network media, such as free send information leaflets, for customers to do street propaganda and network propaganda.

D. through marketing means necessary social resources integration, make use of the resources available for many times.

The benefits of

to the newspaper and agents a new source of income, and each city has several newspapers, so each one is a competitive, through interest and ways to impress them. Harm, think of it,



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