Analysis of the latest feasible profit model of local real estate network

many sensitive people are very worried about the current Internet bubble has emerged, but now the Internet can be like at the beginning of this century as serious, many of them are settling down after the first round of the site, if you want to have a bubble is local, such as the current and the current group purchase website, there are also local portal site serious competition, local real estate net but there are still many opportunities, although the competition is also very strong, but because the profit pattern is numerous, and the relative profit is still very impressive! Here is how I of the profit model of


1: give the business a free meal,

in the local real estate development at the beginning of the popularity of the website will be a serious shortage, then you need to do is to attract the majority of businesses in your website, and free nature is one of the best ways to attract, through to the real estate business or free agents out of the olive branch, believe that they will try to come to your website maybe you can find customers, through the website


two: making profit model bait

after a period of operation, the real estate business website, want to buy the house users have, at this time how to use hand resources to obtain profits? We still focus on real estate developers who, after all they are the deep pockets of main well, at this point you want to offer some want to buy a house the list, but generally only a few have a clear phone number, and have actual desire to buy, but there are many other names on the purchase, and no specific contact, see here we should know the profit


three: it takes money to eat the whole food,

you know only provide a few customers to real estate developers or agents, it is far away to meet these wealthy businessman’s appetite, and the bait to make sure these businesses have an enormous attraction to the people left a large number of housing demand, this is to let them into submission or very easy, as we can which group purchase buyers in this resource, but only one percent of the income of intermediary fees, but also allows them to advertise, and then give the number of the list, the number and the cost of advertising to the number of detailed list to have a relation to


by the above three axes, effectively from the director’s body pulled out of gold, of course this profit model also requires your website is very popular for the leaflets in the local advertising in the local TV, the cost is not very high, after all, is a county the television media! In the advertisement marketing bombing in two consecutive months, access to a large number of users want to purchase, then use these users and the local real estate business cooperation, promotion of group purchase, within just one month, the number of buyers group purchase of more than 100 people, and I extracted from one percent intermediary fee during the period, earned nearly one hundred thousand yuan! And this is my one percent

for all users!


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