How to manage Tibetan Buddhist temples in Sichuan

Buddhist culture in China has a long history, has a very important position, strengthen the management of Tibetan Buddhist temples, is also a very important thing. So, how to manage Tibetan Buddhist temples in Sichuan? The following and small series of specific understanding.

recently, ethnic and Religious Committee, provincial Party Committee United Front Work Department and the Department of Finance jointly issued the "Sichuan Province, Tibetan Buddhist temples and financial management operations guide" Sichuan province "accounting guidelines" of Tibetan Buddhist temples, for help and guidance in Ganzi, ABA, Liangshan three states and counties (cities) to strengthen and standardize the financial management of the temple.

to implement the financial supervision and management measures of venues for religious activities in the State Bureau of religious affairs "(Trial)", strengthening the administration of Tibetan Buddhism Temples in accordance with the law, regulate and promote the establishment of the temple of sound financial management, asset management system, improve the accounting work, led by the Provincial Ethnic and Religious Committee, United Front Work Department, Provincial Department of finance, Sichuan Finance and Economics Vocational College jointly set up a special the research team, more than a dozen of Tibetan Buddhist temples in Ganzi, ABA depth.

detailed research on the condition of financial management, accounting and accounting information of the Temple Temple quality, the main source of income and expenditure etc., through access to relevant information, and temple management personnel and the general discussion, and communication with the local authorities and the exchange of cadres, a detailed understanding of first-hand information Temple financial management form "investigation report on the province of Tibetan Buddhism temples financial management and accounting".

on the basis of investigation and relevant laws and regulations, follow the "balance of full coverage, easy to operate, with the actual Temple" principle, the drafting of the "Sichuan Province issued a Tibetan Buddhist temple of financial management guide" and "Sichuan Province, Tibetan Buddhist temples accounting guidelines".

"guide" is the main highlight of the establishment of the temple accounting institutions, temples, income and expenditure management, cultural relics and cultural relics management temple, temple financial publicity system, etc.. The guidelines focus on accounting principles, accounting methods, asset management, revenue management, debt management, cost, financial reporting, etc.. The "guide" and "guidelines" will play a positive role in guiding the establishment of modern financial management system in Tibetan Buddhist temples.

temple is not only a belief of the broad masses of the people, but also an important culture. The reasonable management of temples can not only promote the development of the cause of our temples, but also help to carry forward the temple culture!

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