Ferry Baidu

see the title you must be surprised, why people with Baidu in the name of the website for no title?. I don’t want to touch the light of a famous brand website. My first ferry, the Buddhist said "degree" means, just like the gods to mortals in Wonderland, second Baidu, pointing to our national famous brand search engine Baidu. This means that through my suggestions, Baidu’s service level will be raised to the next level.

produced this idea from the anxiety of our webmaster. What we do is a small website, already had three months more, but the flow that comes from Baidu still is 0. Stationmaster very angry, sent a post, there is such a sentence above:

Baidu is the most widely used search engine in china. Now, Baidu for their own profits, again and again to change the algorithm, again and again manual intervention. We can’t find the north by these little station leaders. Watch the website that is built personally, be removed by Baidu from search. That mood only webmaster can understand. That’s our painstaking effort. Is it unfair for you to do this to us? Although it is said that the CN domain name in China is cheap to 1 yuan, it has resulted in a large number of garbage stations. But what about those good sites? Why do you kill them all at once,


maybe Baidu never thought of our small stations. Because people are big, they have money. Then I would like to ask, if you do not include a station, to see who worry? People still use you to find the data? You come to what is a problem, Baidu about. If all personal websites all unite, don’t let you included, you can also Baidu what,


, are you the boss? I don’t think so. Because you don’t have a boss. No forgiveness! You are a little earlier than the other search? What? My thumb in a house of literature because of back to the virus, now you give me every day to 10 IP? I have more than once to contact you for leniency, the result? Hurt yourself. I can only accept bad luck. My furniture website, did less than three days, you have included. But in exchange for asking me to do price ranking.

looked at the vehemence, I don’t know what to say, but please forgive me to say Baidu, a IP from you is not wrong, at least a dozen. I have nearly 40 people, not so much water, only advise you, the sale of gas to make money, search engines in the world is not your family, do not let outsiders accounted for the initiative, the pursuit of the interests of you is not wrong, still have to take it easy, don’t put things away.

heaven in front, you have


this article comes from: thumb house Literature Network (http://s.muzhi5.cn), detailed reference: http://s.muzhi5.cn/zawen/zagan/200803/20080314093639.html

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