You have to know the 6 business negotiation skills

face more and more critical customers, sales staff if blindly follow the rules, it is difficult to receive the desired results. Business negotiation is a skill, the following we summed up the 6 winning business negotiation skills, welcome to refer to.

1, intent to guide

give customers a variety of "intention", will make his attitude more positive.

"intention" to guide the role of large transactions in. It enables the customer to transfer the object considered in the mind, thus creating a kind of imagination. In this way, so that customers in the process of buying things, become particularly active in their hearts also produce a desire to trade as soon as possible the wishes of the transaction.

sales at the beginning of marketing, will be fully prepared to do customer conscious positive hint, so they walked into your trap "from the beginning".

2, a

the book said, we can win. In business negotiations, but also can not passively challenge, but should take the initiative to attack, in order to find a way to victory. In particular, when customers hesitate, you are more necessary to help him.

if you want to persuade the other party to your insurance, while the other has a little sign, say when you asked him: "if you decide to sign this insurance, the beneficiary should fill who?"

This question with

3, at

is a step along the customer’s words make it difficult to make a fuss, go back, firmly grasp the customer said, to promote the successful negotiation.


steal beam contractThere is a class of

when customers for chess timing, you can make them with a topic of interest to stimulate their other nerve. For example, the customer said, "I still can’t make up my mind. >


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