Grassroots couples hand in hand over the early maintenance of the site of the river

              said that "with the change of time, the brain also needs rapid operation, thinking must update", I thought it was a joke, that has a stable job and a certain ability to work will go to, earn money, so conservative home – units — 2.1 live for several years, until one day, the husband suddenly when the editor for many years and I said, "I have a paper website, the domain name is called the Chinese online, I am staying never try to live, as editor of the husband also began to learn people as a web! And now running well, the momentum is very good! It is so surprised!

but the weather is unpredictable, not every day is Sunday, web hits always go up, looked at was very busy husband tired a day at home but also because the website everywhere please "expert" for the "master" is also busy people have no time to help him, the kind of helpless and terribly fatigued. Really distressed ah, called a "responsibility" something told me can’t wait, I must help him, because I was his lover


but when I want to contact the site, depth study of the time, I found: some things about computer student learning in school had almost forgotten, and I was just studying for exams, not to learn, not to mention the work for a few years, already forget to go to the horizon I think of a word or two; the front of this website also nothing…… The website, the name for me is really strange not strange, originally cited pride proud of "top students" sense of no longer, suddenly fell into the abyss. Standing in front of the computer, two eyes looked at this paper website, the heart of the confusion and loss, do not mention……


doesn’t know where to start, where the problem lies, had to give up the idea, really do not want to run the "painstaking trouble things", "like before no website day?", I started my husband and a noisy, sulking, ignore him, but her husband has not responded to me, just hold on, forbear, as in the past the busy…… The days go on, and every day the husband thin down, distressed ah, never gave what blame, what do not understand, only try to help him, help him, help him……

since the husband is busy, no time to learn from scratch, then I come, anyway, my work is not busy, let him go back to the original state, do well in his thesis editing work. Difficult is difficult, as a child began to learn to walk when it is not a bump, learned, just grow up, no longer remember the pain at that time. In this way, I started my website maintenance management study, no one taught it

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