Did you link nofollow talk about backlinks

when you finish reading this article, it is necessary for you to have a look at your link. Is it nofollow already?. Perhaps some friends ask, what is the nofollow? Is simple, although you Links link with your address, but is invalid, because he gives you Links plus nofollow, plus the nofollow tag Links, search engine is not to recognize, as a mark, tell the search engine, this link is not valid, no income.

first proposed nofollow as a label for the leader’s new creation, with the aim of minimizing the impact of spam on search engines. The meaning of this tag is to tell the search engine that the link is not edited by the author himself, so the link is not a vote of confidence. The search engine sees this tag and may reduce or completely cancel the voting weight of the link. The initial reason was that with the popularity of Web blogs, spam and spam became increasingly widespread, causing Google’s attention and the first of its kind. Google’s approach is to effectively block such spam comments and spam links through a new type of tag. Since then, once Google is found to contain the attribute of hyperlinks ("rel=nofollow"), the link will not be used as the evaluation criterion in the ranking of search results in a site; at the same time the label will not become spam blogs or websites where the negative vote, it is only used to prevent garbage maker blog comments, feedback form or recommendation list the public domain and confuse the public benefit by. Nofollow tags are important to search engines.

nofollow but talk so much, what is the nofollow label? How to use the nofollow tag? Here is Google for rel=" nofollow" When Google sees the explained: attribute rel=" nofollow" on hyperlinks, those links won’t get any credit when we rank websites in our search results. Google was once found to contain the property of super the link ("rel=nofollow"), the link will not be as a site in the search results ranking evaluation basis.


nofollow tag also has another function. You can use this tag if you sell ads on your site. Because the original intention of buying and selling web advertising should be traffic, not the PR value, or try to influence search engine rankings. Adding this tag does not affect traffic at all, but it may reduce the impact on search engine rankings.

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