3 main points of community operation user content and mechanism

‘s ability to operate on its own and invigorate a community is also a dream of many operations. Our company is currently engaged in the transformation of the financial community, as an operation, I was fortunate enough to completely participate in the initial stage of the community. Here’s a summary of the community operation plan you’ve made during that time.

The operation plan of

community can not be separated from 3 points:




user profile

gets seed user

, a community of tonality, plays a big role in seed users. For example, the industry talked about the knowledge, the first batch of seed users can only open through the invitation code, to ensure that the quality and level of users, and laid the foundation for knowing. So before you invite seed users, think about the tonality of the community as a whole, and avoid the first seed users who don’t agree with the community, and then go awry. The tonal positioning should revolve around the whole APP target. For example, the same community, the selection of seed users is entirely different. To determine the tonality of seed users, how should we find the first batch of users,


goes to seed users to find out. Such as competing products APP, the big bar, QQ group, or even your circle of friends. Chat with users, users have common problems that users are most concerned about, and use platform mechanisms to meet their requirements. The community is just starting stage is more difficult, please have been red of the cattle man, so the eyes can be put on the potential cattle to tap the body.

makes itself a seed user. At the beginning of the community, resources were limited. Each operation personnel need to personally go into battle, wear small vest, or to shape a unique image of individuals, in short, it is necessary to bear a large part of the community active task.

internal training potential stocks. This involves the user’s training mechanism.

user training mechanism

a user of a good community should be made up of Pyramid. 20% of large V users, 60% of active users, 20% of passers-by users. Facing different users, we should adopt different methods. 20% of the big V continues to contribute now to content, with 60% active users contributing more content, and passers-by users becoming active users.

large V users, first of all, the platform needs to have a way of defining large V users. Big V users need to do their duty, and the quantity is scarce. 20% of the total user will be fine. The V user, to the way to treat VIP V users, such as content, birthday gifts, top privilege customized space etc.. In addition, on the basis of the platform bonus, should provide more personalized service, in the cost, technical permission to meet the requirements of the big V. For example, simulated disk buy stock suspension, cannot operation, ordinary users can only wait for the replay. Big V can directly find operators, operators looking for technology GG open >

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