5000 entrepreneurial projects

small business out of the way out there, I have only 5000 yuan, you can do it, and what can be done?

A: home rental service

now abound rental store, but now people busy so that they don’t have time to go too much, I often at home to see boring movie but don’t want to rent the store when, if someone sent home if I will rent, even if the original did not play see friends can rent.

the total amount of investment in the (less than 2000) for not many friends to be a primitive accumulation of capital.

Of course, here is not

The specific operation is

if you are using 3 pieces of the goods you can use 5 price to your salespeople, does not limit his retail price (a lot of sellers can put 5 pieces of things sold to more than 30), every night and set to the company, organize employee activities, exchange check and report monthly sales performance, how many (myself) employees have a fixed salary, wages (myself) is just a form, and every day the sales ranking award, their main source is the difference.

you actually invest less than 5000 yuan can do at home to get others to do things for you, they earn you more money is not? You can also do some activities on a regular basis to improve the enthusiasm of employees.




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