E6 whether you can show your site how to solve the compatibility problem


compatibility site templates in the IE browser, mentioned Lanzhou website construction before the impact of the user experience factors, these days is found in the visit some friends in the chain, the same site when some of the same problems, including some of the themes of template WordPress and emblog is also the site, in IE7, 8 the display is normal, but in IE6 there is a problem of error and CSS run like JavaScript script, I think it is necessary to separate.

currently more than 95% of Internet users in China use XP’s system, while XP’s default is IE6’s browser. For the front end developer, IE6 is the most familiar, except for Firefox, opera, Google and other browsers easily adjustable, almost all of the CSS style problems are around the IE browser to test. The same attribute, in IE7, 8 can be normal display, but in IE6 is dislocation running. Familiar people know this is due to the IE6 browser itself defects, an integrated assembly defect most Microsoft XP, almost spent most of the time the style of debugging IE6, so IE6 is the IE browser as a headache.

But the problem to

problem, after all, the domestic users are not concerned about the user, as he only needs to know which browser can browse the Internet with which he is not clear, do not have version compatibility with the science club browser, users have to do is to open your site if the normal display, he then browse other content. If the open page style is out of order, how likely do you think the user will continue to browse?. And to stationmaster friend, it is possible that because of the problem of IE6, but the client group that loses most, and among them very possible still some valuable client. How can customers open a web site construction, website promotion of a site, the results of your site shows the disorder, people how customers find you to do web site for him?. So, for webmaster friends, IE6 problems can not be ignored, urgent solution. The common problems in IE6 are as follows:


site prompts the JavaScript script error IE6 under

This is because the

web page uses some JS framework to show some effect in IE7, 8 pages, can be displayed on IE6 because of the defect of IE6 itself and not be able to distinguish the JavaScript framework such as jQuery effects code while the tips of the script error.

solution: look at the error hint, find the wrong source of code, delete or replace the JS code until the IE6 has no error script prompt. Page effects are good, but don’t go for it. IE6 isn’t always able to identify them.


site has a CSS running problem at IE6,

this >

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