Do a website how should popularize his website

Suining dream network for you move, this article is a dream network all, summing up the experience of the webmaster and their own practical experience and write, you can freely reprint, but to retain the source.

in fact, in the absence of a good site should be promoted before, do not say well before. Here mainly about how to promote after doing well.

one, do content

1, updated frequently. Everyone knows that Baidu in order to enhance the user’s experience, it is impossible to let you only a few articles, pictures put a few, the content is often updated, in front of. Imagine, if Baidu lets you this kind of website row in front, search person feels in Baidu can not find what he wants, so the user still does not need Google? So content should be updated regularly.

2, website content and strive for originality. Now online plagiarism is more common, you a completely copied other people’s article, of course, Baidu may not include your this article. You think so, if you copy someone else’s article, Baidu included your article and ranking higher than the original website ranking, how the original website to everyone, not plagiarism, do not do the original article. This network has been replaced by a variety of plagiarism. Searchers can’t find valuable information in Baidu, and everyone will go to Google for information. Of course, the website does completely original content, cannot be done to average website. So, proper copying is also possible. "Plagiarism" is a "copy", of course, to do is to have a modification of the original article, revise the first and last paragraph, swap the order of words, according to the contents of text and delete a part of text increase. Because search engines spiders generally grab the head and tail.

two, never let go of any chance,

1, leave your URL for the website you visit frequently. Before you visit a forum frequently, you can leave the name and address of your website in your character signature. You think so, ha, in case he accidentally points to the URL, this does not bring you a traffic? Do not white do not.


2, Baidu Post Bar and Baidu know, send some inside some of the information about your site, and leave the site, as far as possible not to let others think you are advertising, and publish content as far as possible is not the same, or Baidu that you use to post machine, or malicious disorder the information, good things to you spoil the. Recently a new thought, enter a meaningful comparison to your website URL in a Baidu keyword, open the row in front of the website, on which the message on the message, can post the post. But you are not to do hair, for example: I want to do Links for you. My website is:, so administrators generally will not delete, and he does not do what harm what. Ha-ha。 The note also that each information released best, improper Baidu in your hair Kazakhstan malicious information.


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