Give some advice to the webmaster who is confused

network is a human wonderful product of the network on how we are only a short while ago strange, overnight network such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain quickly enter into thousands of households, the network industry has become the fastest growing industry in twenty-first Century, China is the emergence of Baidu, Alibaba, NetEase, Tencent and other Internet giants, these people the network is to grasp the next period of time the others can not be copied, because at that time they are a group of people Chinese explore the earliest, on the Internet is a huge impact on the future of mankind, now many webmaster in the fantasy that one day to be able to share in the Internet industry, also have many webmaster want to be able to feed themselves, to keep the family will meet, but some webmaster can do the kind of results they want, May every webmaster have a "technique", but who can sure this one can "long", what is not you have the technical proficiency in a particular line, you can, if you are not others, it is only the life, as a webmaster should have big dreams, a dream people are respectful, those people are great because of their dreams is that.


network also spawned an occupation, SEO network engine optimization, broadband Internet cannot stop because last night, I feel like those left me for a long time let me worry about unceasingly, said SEO should not be too much to pay attention to the mentality of ranking is stable, but I think I’m obsessed, without a moment’s attention the website I like lost something like that for a long period of time the website ranking impasse, the mood is very depressed, began to suspect that the applicability of the optimization scheme in the course of time, began to doubt myself, until today website ranking back, before the haze is away, because yesterday added two high quality Links, since at that point to boost the power of touch is perhaps well, when ranking webmaster stalemate should not be impatient, patiently looking for reason is true.

SEO long began to suspect that this industry is not stable if they can go the way of the future not know where people most painful is confused, confusion is because of what, because we don’t know ourselves, don’t know what you want to do? SEO is just over, is you to start over, you can do SEO full access to information in the network, and the "moral" said, "the timeliness of the Everything is changeable." is a message, you can seize the information from a big step, say SEO is not master the final destination, along with the development of the SEM is the ultimate in the future, network marketing is a kind of trend, look at today’s young people are Taobao in what you consume, anyway? In the network shopping, network access to information is the key point in the near future.

, an enterprise must have its own network, there must be a network of SEO, SEM, then our road is where, if you have the advantage of the network in the business, then you may have been half of the success. So, webmaster, please don’t be confused. Everything begins with ideas, and all changes can be instantaneous

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