Facebook coming into China Station in China why the ill fated

this two days about Facebook into China’s things, but also by the big door fry up, don’t know this is still hearsay or true news. As a famous international, and has a large number of users of the SNS site, Facebook will not give up China this market has numerous potential users and business opportunities in China, sooner or later, just because could not find the opportunity to. This time, China may be eight or nine, ten.

China although the Internet market has great potential, the number of users, but even the famous international station to enter is not easy. Google just quit, this matter has not completely cooled, although just returned to Hongkong, but Google business in China has been affected to varying degrees. Don’t say some time ago Google search is not normal, the two day users of Google are relatively large, from Google flow reduction, Adsense revenue plummeted, even CEO Schmidt said "Google business destructive company four enemies, exit Chinese mainland, Google became less optimistic. In addition to Google to leave, earlier YAHOO withdrew, eBay eBay lost to Taobao and so on, other major international websites in China’s development is not optimistic.

Facebook back into the Huayi, we discuss the most is "copy mode or for successful transplantation? China localization characteristics of the market?" Google was left helpless largely because of the neglect of the localization work, even if the technology and business better than Baidu, also can not get rid of the fate of the "exit". Many websites entering China can hardly stand in China and frequently enter and exit frequently. Why imported cars, IT digital life, food, clothing and other traditional products in the China sales volume is very good, very popular, and foreign Internet companies are struggling in the China all-powerful? Even in the world, in Chinese is not easy, but the competition of local Internet companies


1 advertising, promotion,

in the eyes of ordinary Internet users, Baidu’s visibility is much higher than Google. Baidu early done a lot of promotion, looking for a lot of celebrity endorsements, Internet users to understand Baidu more and more, "Baidu once" has become a lot of Internet users habits. I contact the Internet is still relatively short time, contact with the webmaster this group, only slowly know Google, only to find Google practical and search results fair and rich. Ordinary Internet users use a single purpose of the Internet, there is not much research on the network, and the understanding of the network is still relatively one-sided. GG is very good, but it does not have the influence in the hearts of ordinary Internet users, the market has not opened. Last year, Google involving Huang, CCTV and other major media exposure, the general understanding of Google users gradually more. Now, Google China has to withdraw from the mainland because of various reasons, and it is even harder for ordinary users to contact. If Google has just entered the Chinese market, but also carried out overwhelming advertising bombing, the early retention of users, and the market share will not be too low.


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