Talking about the experience of designing and bidding for portal websites

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has been popular for Kung Fu brand, remember when I was formally established in 05 years that year in the early morning of Shanghai network company was still in the Tianhe Sports West, I thought if it can give me a hand to do Kung Fu received their website is good, not in 06 years one month before the friend said kung fu I need revision, then after a little excited, because I finally have the opportunity, I am responsible for the design of happiness for the official website design investment and engage in real time, then the bidding companies must have bid invitation to attend, I checked a lot of companies to participate in the bidding, including " network; " " " " reciprocity; a " " " Guangzhou province; more than a dozen companies to participate in the bidding, they are top website construction service provider line, to fight down really difficult, But I still insist on a try, so I trust in some of my friends to help me get the bid book, website construction is also on the real time contact person in charge, we arranged the specific interview time, that very nervous, colleagues are very hard to help me do the PPT scheme.

There is a partnership with me to

, he focused on technology, I mainly talk about the design with some new ideas, the day went very busy inside good busy, with two or three suppliers before us, they have been mentioned several times in the program, I thought they would have talked almost, a little mental grasp of the feeling, to us, we were waiting in the conference room, about five minutes later, a man came in with black rimmed glasses, looks very serious, he sat down with us talk, ask how you can use our bid books I don’t know what to say at the time, had to say he is a friend, oh: " " " a moment, said: No, we want to be able to provide the good works of the supplier, but you should be relatively late, they have a lot of options, you Is also what scheme "? We take out the PPT plan with him about our plan with the idea, we highlight the selling point is the real Kung Fu " " " " fresh; convenience; " " " " interaction; experience; several aspects, fresh it is mainly reflected in its the food is fresh and nutritious, also is the site of various forms of free updates to transform, membership is fresh, " is its own convenience; " " convenient maintenance and interactive " make full use of the Internet is a network of members with interactive activities, " experience is to set some games for " a member of the experience of brand culture, let members from experience in understanding with the understanding of its brand awareness, deep memory in the brain. In addition to the consumer Kungfu food is mainly by steaming the very Chinese characteristics A traditional culture, >

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