Management chain restaurant to know the way

Chinese is a food country, but in recent years, along with our national diet throughout the development, people’s living standard improved, but also led to the whole food market is hot, business franchise restaurants have what good method.

1. Personnel management. The chain store management, there is a very clear norms of governance, chain store staff as soon as possible to grasp these norms, staff training from the reception etiquette, product knowledge, store management, catering to join the financial knowledge, behavior and other aspects of the reception specifications.

2. Store layout. Restaurant franchise style in the first place with the chain headquarters to maintain a high degree of consistency, the appropriate combination of local customs, into the local characteristics.

3. Marketing strategy. Inside and outside the market, both inside and outside the restaurant, not just to wait for customers to enter the door, sit shop and other business, but through the non store sales, the establishment of a variety of interests.

4. Cost control. According to the actual situation of their own rational spending, do not believe the chain operation, the scale of profit.

in the choice of a suitable franchise brand, does not mean that the franchisee can secure, franchisees need to take the initiative to operate a franchise, in specific operations, and general shop business no two. In terms of how to operate a chain store, the following three points:

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