Stationmaster makes a website is to build a stage for the user

had heard "I set up to you." this sentence, for it has been feeling quite, but has no taste the flavor, recently suddenly be enlightened. Words contain profound truth, but also contains a broad mind, as well as the quiet after the noise, in short, this is a very philosophical words.

since mid August, I every Thursday at the A5 forum version of the topic of organization activities, each determining a topic, and invited to have more right to speak on the topic of the forum guests, and the webmaster to share on this topic. Through the forum question and answer form, the webmaster may ask some questions of interest and doubt to the guests here, and find their answer from the guest’s reply.

version of the chat activities have been carried out for six, sure, I am responsible for the invitation and topic, of course, also invited more stationmaster friends to interact together. Before the event, I was busy, preparing for topic posts, guest introductions, promotions, etc. I was much more relaxed after the event began. During the event, I usually to the audience, look at both sides of the wonderful. Between the guests and the webmaster at repartee, interactive and exciting questions and reply, saying that "I mentioned to you. I could not help but think of the stage".

version of the chat activities set up a bridge of communication between the owners and guests, after the event, owners and guests that exceeded the leading actor on the stage, they each wonderful problem and classic reply, also let the reader can also enjoy the fun and harvest. I watched the wonderful performance on the stage, enjoying the quietness under the noise.

In fact,

webmaster website, is for the user to "set up", let them singing". The website construction is beautiful and generous, and the content is well organized and perfect. All of them want to retain the users, let the users share the information and love the stage". Do webmaster, the construction site and full hard, not easy to post promotion, but to obtain the user’s recognition is more difficult, once approved by users, there will be more and more users use this platform to form a viscous and benign cycle. So, do the website must build this platform, the stage to play what repertoire, please what actor to show, all depends on you, this is also called "do what website", just fit a group of users. These are the webmaster to determine early, good direction, in order to better progress.

when the website forms a batch of fixed users, and allows users to develop the habit of using the site, the webmaster can begin to experience the joy of harvest. Just like 19lou, BBS and other old community, the daily active user forum is very much, every day is very busy, members of the community to share stories and share information, each member is the community’s protagonist, is the audience and performers in the forum, stage show their characteristics and style.

set up the stage, singing is a different division, no good stage, it is difficult to make people as Xingfa >.

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