The second China Wing youth entrepreneurship innovation contest selection began

innovation contest is not only a platform for entrepreneurs, also has a very obvious effect of publicity, the machine can more people understand the creative work, because, in order to better promote people’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm, provide a good business platform for entrepreneurs in Hunan Province, go all out to do the second "China record wing" youth entrepreneurship innovation contest entry selection.

"China Chong wing" youth entrepreneurship innovation contest Chinese by the Song Qingling foundation, the human resources and social security department jointly organized successfully held since since the first contest has been highly recognized by the community, but also greatly encouraged by the enthusiasm of youth entrepreneurship and innovation.

contest set four industry competition and a special game, game industry is divided into "new energy and environmental protection industry, high-end equipment manufacturing industry", "life of service" and "comprehensive" four; special race for migrant workers entrepreneurship and innovation competition.

after the pre publicity to encourage young entrepreneurs, the county actively sign up. As dozens of days before existing companies and teams in the county people club Department of registration, then the county will organize experts to carefully control the "master plan" requirement, strengthen the team qualified audit, ensure that the report recommended the teams meet the requirements of the organizing committee.


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