Site must see buy website space five years experience talk about

station has been for some years, the initial contact with the program has not remember, just remember the initial establishment of the mind is to give yourself a personal home page, then pop this is static, but also use free space, free domain name, these for you to do a HTML station for in fact, is also good, remember that someone said, free stuff is not used, then see this sentence really said is reasonable, but the experience of small, behind finally had a great experience, 1. free stuff is not stable; 2. things for free advertising, saying the couple now don’t believe at that time, sign up for a free blog program, which ads occupy a computer screen in 70%, it was a happy night didn’t sleep. There was no now UU1001, no 5D6D, no free open source program, the official start of the contact program is driven easy start, when things just program development soon, is attracted by his layout and good interface, because at the time of the site location of these do not understand, now I do not know what is their own doing, seems to be download site, but only a 100M space, don’t laugh, mostly

novice!On the use of network

down, but I did not use the network program station, just study a long time their code function template, official contact PHP is started from the PHPwind and Discuz open source! Then made a forum at the time to go to school, to tighten their belts to squeeze 200 dollars a 200M space from the living expenses, the space is really good, let me the most depressing is 07 years to do a Q era of our website forum once a month to move three times, feeling really cheap while ignoring the Dutch act, speed, etc. after the buy website slow to open now, as we all know, the Internet space is mostly divided such several kinds: independent host, popular in recent years flat-share, virtual host, if you have money, buy a server hosting to IDC, if you don’t have much money to rent a server with IDC If you, economy is good, choose a better flat-share space, such as Admin5 and meyu both are very good, if you are very general, you can choose a virtual host, here I recommend the purchase of individual server hosting and hosting the two, because the IP engines are independent good. I’ll talk about sharing and hosting in detail,


flat-share: the host should be from 05 to 06 years, beginning in the bar, the prevailing almost crazy, first heard of 1G’s space can buy 99 yuan, but also the configuration of 100M sharing, how good, no flow unlimited IIS, master read naturally don’t look down, as before Anhui, Hefei these areas do these people the most, Chinese host, host volcano…… Don’t buy this! So space should pay attention to several points: 1. computer configuration, the price is 07-08 year fell sharply, the server cost will naturally reduce the space to cut thought people would buy a good point configuration server >

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