Novice friends share their website experience


first station, I already know what is space, ha ha, but there is no real use, it has begun to sell N space, like a lot of fun, because when I was in school learned pages a little bit, just not hard, not about what. After selling space, start thinking about their own site is how to reflect this problem on the Internet, the earliest, have been thinking, how they are uploaded, because just into the IDC industry soon, so often go to the technical department when shopping, found some originally do not know the answer.

sometimes, a lot of what they want to do not understand something, in front of that technique is to use a tool called FlashFXP upload, later, they search the software in Baidu, then download, see for yourself how to use. (later know there is such a tool, the original company website Khan) and then began to use the company’s space, look at what can let my site show in front of everyone’s eyes, through their own research, the FlashFXP software actually, let me learn, really, just read the technology department colleagues used however, see the effect, as their own operation, then let me upload their own success, was very happy, happy like a child, then upload some LuanLuanDe website, then start looking for some website program, in the trial space, then, that made me curious fresh don’t exist. Because I will do, so there is no fresh at all, unlike a child like that. So, I began to think about my own website, really, during the day also want to sleep at night, also want to, ha ha. To buy the domain name,.Cn domain name registration is a piece of money, all of a sudden the day up three, oh, at that time, I finally have a their own domain name, the domain name on the certificate is even his name, very happy.

the first name I bought to do a domain name forwarding, forwarding to my Taobao store on the first time, have your own domain name forwarded to his shop, home to a lot of friends to show off their own domain name, ha ha, the first time to let others know his own name I feel is very good oh.

has second domain names, thinking about how to use him, this is my name according to their online shop registration, and later I do not know what to use this domain name. When one day, found a novel website program, then call that a February novel station into a dream of flying novels, about two days of fresh, feel very funny, because Baidu is not included, do no freshness, upload two nights the novel (of course is to work during the day, oh) also let brother also upload, upload, he doesn’t want to upload, sweat, so give up, then the data is uploaded, I accidentally cut over, back to the earliest upload of the original.

then began to think about what the third domains would do

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