How much is the Qinghe pie franchise fee

food and beverage franchise brand in what kind of mode of joining the more popular with investors, of course, is a variety of brands to join, and what is the brand to join to meet such conditions? That is the Qinghe pie shop, the brand has several franchise stores, franchise business is very hot, the franchise is often full state. This is a lot of people are very optimistic about the brand, a lot of people want to invest in the brand, then how much money to join the brand?

What is the

Qinghe pie shop franchise fee?

franchisees can choose according to their own right to join the store, different stores to join the cost is not the same. Specific conditions are as follows:

a, standard store

store area: 150 square meters -200 square meters

employee demand: 15 -18

is expected to invest: 200 thousand -30 million

recommended location: large residential areas, schools, hospitals

two, flagship store

store area: 200 square meters -300 square meters

employee demand: 20 -25

is expected to invest: 350 thousand -50 million

recommended location: stations, terminals, traffic arteries

three, compound store

store area: 300 square meters or more

employee demand: 25 -35

is expected to invest: 600 thousand -80 million

recommended location: large shopping malls, commercial intensive areas

Join the cost

above is various stores, standing on the perspective of the franchisee to consider the issue, Qinghe pie sincerely welcome a person of noble aspirations to join, cooperation and win-win!


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