Tencent local strategy Adsense how to operate a good local portal site

yesterday, I saw some friends published an article in A5, roughly speaking, Baidu began to included Taobao, also see some friends said that Taobao is doing guest kushui. In fact, not only is Baidu, the Internet giant to do all kings, take this period of time, the Tencent always pops up a small window to report good news, but the good news for the majority of the local sites, is not a good thing. Although the Tencent only to a few tentacles first-tier cities but without exception, is combined with local news media, to make up for the Tencent’s own lack of news, the user based Tencent for many webmaster on tenterhooks, although I think United is the strategic deployment of the Tencent, the joint Tencent and the news media properties stronger, deal with the Sina portal strengths, but there is no doubt that this is the local station does have a great impact. In the Tencent offensive, our local portal owners how to deal with, especially for some new station chief.

1, increase the user’s stickiness on content,

1 analyzes the habits of local users in all ways

Although the

Tencent combined with traditional media struck, but is not without any back room, first on the Internet and traditional media lack of understanding, followed by the Tencent on the local characteristics is not very understanding, countermeasure is playing the local characteristics, through online surveys, visits to the local line analysis of user habits, each place has its own user characteristics for example, here is the mainstream users especially idle away in seeking pleasure, young people now pay more attention to this aspect. So the main page of your website has to cater to most people’s appetites. Other pages are just a foil to the small amount of demand, but that’s not the point. It’s about catching the needs of most people. Remember, if you don’t have the power of a big company, you don’t have ambitions from big companies. Don’t do anything. No priority, and finally make a mess of their own.

2 mining the user’s interested content

What is the

user interested content, I personally think that it should belong to the gossip, said here is not gossip entertainment gossip, gossip but to public sources, for example certain shopping see wife and mistress. The content of the gossip is in line with the taste of the public. You have to understand that your website serves the grass roots and the Chinese people are rich in recreational cells. Entertainment cells can be seen in these years, a variety of "body" and "cold jokes" and other topics of micro-blog listen to the number, and gossip complex visible major news rankings. Since you love it, then we do is to satisfy users, remember not too too official, the official words such as "XX visited a company and spoke highly of such content needs, but the amount should be less, unless the region is a privilege can get under this adds a whoop and a holler, local user a sense of pride and sense of collective honor.

two, with all possible means to tap users and retain users

1, use QQ group to dig user

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