Open jewelry store location 5 elements need to be considered

no matter what you intend to open a large-scale jewelry store, you must first think of the site, because the site properly, jewelry stores to attract consumers into the store to buy. Jewelry store how to choose? Take a look at the open jewelry store location 5 elements:

1)   pedestrian flow. In general, a high level of customer traffic will increase sales. However, excessive customer traffic will also be too crowded to prevent buyers from. At the same time also to analysis of pedestrian traffic, in order to determine the consistent characteristics of pedestrian and the position of the target market store.

2)   public transport facilities and road conditions. Road conditions refers to the width of the road, traffic congestion and traffic control, etc., it is not only related to the flow of passengers, but also with the goods on the shop speed is directly related.

3); the structure of the shop and the visibility of the shop; the size of the shop area and the structure and shape of the building; whether there is a limit of urban construction planning, such as water and electricity, sewage, heating and other conditions.

4)   store location. The concept of location refers to the distance from the center of the city; two refers to the distance from residential areas or traffic lines; the three is located in a specific location of a lot, such as the corner, center, crossroads, etc..

5)   store price. Store prices will have a direct impact on the sales price and the payback period of investment

want your jewelry stores Business Flourishes, in a lot of ways to work, but the location of this there are a lot of tips. Store location is appropriate, the popularity of the store has a direct impact on the decline, so the location of the jewelry store should be fully considered these 5 elements.



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