Why is garbage collection the best choice for personal websites

note that this article refers to the garbage station is not illegal, such as X, color reaction in violation of laws and regulations website, but to copy the IP traffic on the Internet a lot of repetitive, useless or meaningless, just piling up popular keywords to attract traffic sites. Overall, the garbage collection here is a website that doesn’t help or make little sense to others.

why is a person suitable for a garbage station?. Several reasons are as follows:

, as a grassroots, the individual strength is negligible. At the beginning of the website before people have not even dream of beautiful ideal, SOHU, Sina, NetEase and other kind of super websites have to do local or industry leader. Although the dream is beautiful, but the reality is cruel, because you are human, not God, in the absence of external conditions and noble help, you do not have this strength, there is no opportunity. You might mention Zhang Zhaoyang and Ding Lei, the myth of success, is that they are successful, but don’t forget them in that era, the Internet is just a piece of paper, even so, when people do not know how much money to burn to achieve today’s achievement, now the Internet into a low threshold, resulting in a sailing ship, 000 some of them, not hesitate to drop into numerous funds only playing Shuipiao. So, do you think that you must be the only surviving pit thousands of people? What makes you to compete with others, network technology, advanced business philosophy, exquisite or webmaster be used tired

acquisition software?

two, funding and protracted war. This is the main problem, no money means no one to help you maintain the website, no one to help you carefully packaging and publicity, means that every piece of information, server maintenance, promotion, planning and other activities are you a person to bear, but to become a leader in the local portal or industry portal. These years of unremittingly efforts and is unlikely to be successful. OK, you say you can keep the irrigation machines, junk mails, collect and manage the website members and maintain the server for ten hours a day throughout the year. Well, it doesn’t take you a year. At most half a year, you’re not far from sudden death.

three risk of policy and law enforcement oversight. After a few years of hard work, ha ha, finally, the website is big, and there is a small team, in the local or industry is also a little well-known, and IP can also tens of thousands of, and have income. Well, don’t be happy too early, the more so if you have this bag dizzy with success, state of mind, that you are too naive, do not know the society and the depth of the water, because you have to cope with our people’s public servant, although the servant, but as long as he does not say you’re screwed. You know, XX does not allow the presence of forces that cannot be mastered.

first, your site must not engage in XX sensitive information, even the academic discussion not because of who you are, not what the legal academic research institutions and organizations, but also can not let your members send sensitive information on your website, illegal information, color information and so on X, if you are in luck. Oh, we want to know the police in a level I >

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