One hundred years of overall construction of Wuhan mobile security first translation

century building is an ancient story, is a symbol of the era, has a very important significance, it should be protected. Recently, the construction of a century in Wuhan, the overall movement, which is the first case of building translation cases in Wuhan, the specific situation together to understand it!

2016 in March 9th, an old building located near Zhongshan Avenue along the street, the overall translation. I rushed to the scene to see, in the Zhongshan Road, Fuk Road, new street and lane Causeway Wai site, other buildings have been removed, except a 3 storey red building in front of the building, the stone reads "Hankou Volunteer Fire Association site", "Wuhan city cultural relics protection units".

building part of the foundation has been emptied, reinforcement, and jacking 1.4 meters off the ground. Around the building full of scaffolding, the eastern side of the ground pouring 6 reinforced concrete slide, workers said, is now doing preparatory work, the future of the body to ‘sit’ on the slide, to the east." It is understood that this will be the Wuhan cultural relic protection units the first translation building case.

millenmium, witness the Hanzheng Street merchants fire autonomous   in this sprawling site, the red house conspicuous. Mottled walls, as if telling a story of ancient history. Who is it who master?   Wuhan City Cultural Heritage Bureau official Zhang Songming told reporters that the early years of the Republic of China, Hanzheng Street merchants, Hanzheng Street to burst fire to the business sector in Hankou, set up a "business group security association", "Hankou Volunteer Fire Association is under the folk autonomous organization, firefighters by the business staff, volunteer. The cost of fire fighting equipment required by the various businesses to raise.

data show that "fire Federation has up to 24 fire engines. After liberation, the NGO was taken over by the Fire Department of Wuhan city public security bureau. In 2011, the building was assessed as "Wuhan heritage conservation unit". The building is rooted in many old memories in wuhan. The writer Dong Hongyou recalls, he helped keep the roots in the roadway grew up in Hankou, walk from home to the Hankou Volunteer Fire Association site of the house, only 3 minutes. Listen to the relatives said, when doing business in Hankou, the Father also participated in the donation.

"in 60s the last century, the building became the Anhui Street Primary School Division, I am here to read the primary school. Later it became a shop." According to Zhang Songming introduction, in listing "units", it has become a lot of people live in houses. With the city development needs, this piece of land was granted to the real estate development, but the premise is to protect the security of the building.

in a variety of schemes, finally chose the nearest translation of more than 90 meters. Translation of ancient buildings, where the difficulty of building translation, also recommended in Wuhan


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