Application of implantable marketing

how implantable marketing? How can we make implantable marketing? What is the impact of implantable marketing for our sales market?

1. implantable marketing side advertising effect

and different commercials generally, in the movie, the director can put the car inside and outside drops behaved most incisive, and the deliberate close-up in the film but not very unexpected, but logical, objectively presented in front of an audience, which is different from the direct advertising, it will make the audience have the kind of psychological conflict explicit promotion.

in the film "speed and passion", the TOYOTA SUPRA photographer to Blaine open every efforts to portray, bring the audience infinite shock: the exaggerated appearance and fierce power to the audience and the endless aftertaste, less than 5 seconds per hundred kilometers acceleration and perfect control I believe, have been deeply caught driving every madman’s heart. Presumably this effect can only be expressed so vividly in the film.

2. implantable marketing brand culture promotion

automotive and general consumer goods, more than 100 years of history with its colorful culture and brand culture connotation, a car without a car is empty, there is no blood; from the artistic point of view, it will be of no value, only as a means of simple. Therefore, the brand culture is very important for the survival of a car company, it is to maintain the brand evergreen tree. So for those who have a hundred years war cultural enterprises, the intangible cultural heritage is a kind of capital to participate in market competition.

in the film "my robot" in · the RSQ of Audi through the film shows the high-tech design elements and ubiquitous the bold avant-garde to the audience, although this is a concept car, but to express the Audi company has always been adhering to the "breakthrough technology, enlightening the future" concept cars and brand culture.

3. implantable marketing product positioning expression

when the film gives the soul of the car at the same time, the car will have a different character, the character will create a different image, and then the target population to show different inner beauty.



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