How to use the London Olympics this hot event to gather popularity for the website

we turn on the computer every day, and there is a hot topic that surrounds us, that is, "the 2012 London Olympic Games"". The media of television, news, micro-blog and so on, let us all the time be bogged down in the topic of the Olympic games. Look at your QQ panel, look at your QQ space, open your micro-blog, and even open your Internet home page, and you’ll see the London olympics". So hot events, as network promotion staff, we can use the Olympic topic, for our website gathered popularity,


today, my younger brother came to share some ideas with you. (just try to write articles, write bad, everyone exhibitions)

first, of course, is the use of hot topics to drain

use a hot topic this is not what drainage, freshness, a lot of people know! Use a hot topic and even the long tail word hot topic derived from the related optimization, can be obtained from the search engine to flow.

especially the Olympic Day, because every day on the Olympic Day there will be fresh content, fresh news. What we need to do is to highlight the hot list, such as Baidu search list, search hot list, QQ space hot topic, micro-blog hot topic and so on. Then select your own web site (or use your own ideas to make it relevant to your site), and then write an article.

this method, many people know, but also in use, and it is really a very effective method.

two, production of Olympic themes.

according to the site type to make a phase of the Olympic theme, not only can enhance station popularity and interaction, but also highlights the webmaster’s intentions, and enhance the cohesion of the site. But some webmaster will think, my website type and the Olympic Games can’t pull the slightest relationship, how to make special topic?. In fact, can be a little change, such as the webmaster site can make a special cause, discuss how to stand Nagato during the Olympic Games promotion; film video station can produce Olympic cinema; beauty station can produce Olympic thematic picture: sexy beauty cheerleaders for the Olympics and so on.

, for example, a shopping mall for women, fashion and dressing. This website is not half dime with the Olympic Games, how to set up the London Olympic Games the most popular topic? After thinking about the Olympic Games in London, and London is a fashion element, called the British lunfan". The British van has a fashionable element called "rice word flag"". Haha, so there is a clear. Create a fashion theme with fashion Mi fan, salute the London Olympic Games! ", produced a number of" Jack "elements of thematic picture, put into the QQ and micro-blog space, so that the flow may more than double.

because the hottest is the Olympic Games, many users unconsciously will be attracted by something about the Olympic Games, unconsciously will participate in, this is also a hot topic, popular event Charm

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