Rules for the display of toy store products

to do business, basically need to shop, store the product line is very important, the so-called 28 rule is, in any group of products or things, the most important item is only a small part of about twenty percent or so, most of the remaining items. Usually 80% of the profits from its 20% items or goods, but as a store is strictly controlled the amount of this part of the goods. Toy store should also follow the 28 principles, in order to continue to develop steadily.

toys in accordance with the rules of 28 to do the following:

number of toys 28 rule

in terms of quantity, there are at least two best-selling goods on each shelf. Per unit area, the average price per square meter to reach eight or more varieties (not more than ten, otherwise it will be very chaotic)

toy structure 28 rule

when the commodity temporarily out of stock, to use the highest frequency of sales of twenty percent of the toy products to fill the vacancy of the goods, but should pay attention to the relationship between the variety and structure of toys.

28 dimensional distribution of

toy law

with the 28 rule to display toy goods, just a plane of the idea, the product is a more detailed study of three-dimensional emissions should be placed on the whole shelf of toys in accordance with the law of the three-dimensional distribution.

eighty percent of the goods with the vertical display, because the vertical display can make the toy display linear series, so that customers at a glance. Vertical display will increase the sales volume of 80% by more than 20%. While the other 20% goods using lateral display, the store can make a patchwork.

toys 28 rule

display Dan

is currently widely used in the toy store display shelf is generally 165180 cm high, 90120 cm long, the shelves in accordance with the 28 rule, the best equipment is not Dan upper, but in between the upper and mid grade. 165 centimeters of shelves, for example, the commodity display is divided: the best height of Dan on the shelf 20% part, is generally 85120 cm between the second and three layer shelves, most easily seen eye hand most likely to get the goods placed, so is the best display position.

this position is generally used to display the local 20% most profitable, exclusive agent or distribution of toy products. The location of the most taboo display no gross profit or low margin toys, so that the toy store is a huge loss of profits. Other positions, the top shelf recommendation


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