Nanshan venture Star Contest into the top 20

Shenzhen special economic zone has been the forefront of China’s economic development, since 2008 has held a number of Nanshan venture Star Contest opened this year. At present, more than 400 entrepreneurial teams have been eliminated to the remaining hundred, next week they will compete for the top 20 seats.

10 month 9-12 day, innovation Nanshan 2015 venture Star Contest semi-finals held in Nanshan digital cultural industry base. From the global 406 innovative entrepreneurial team covering the Internet, intelligent hardware, advanced manufacturing, new generation of electronic information technology, new materials, new energy, bio medicine, culture, life and health of the eight industry project roadshow debut.

the semi-final to attract from Australian news group (N  ew  sCorp) to observe the market’s (B  usinessSpectator) China Zhuanban editor and Australia’s largest national newspaper "T  heA  ustralian" columnist Cai Yuan to write reports.

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