How does personal website provide humanized service

1, can use text links to places as far as possible not to use images, because of the same size links, text links more expressive in website design, text links can be designed into a mouse touch to the link, the link will automatically turn to another color, this is a kind of tell visits this is a link way, and image links, mouse touch to the link, but the links can not change, only the mouse into a little finger, but is not obvious, often do not pay attention to visitors, in addition, text links to search engine to know what is the next page content, and this link may well be the next page keywords, in the search engine in the front row. The current web site has so many links in pursuit of beauty that it is difficult for visitors to find the link buttons to enter this page, so be careful!


2, before planning to do web work. To get a job site requirements specification document, a website system, such as the contents of Tim requirements: the content of first empty two lattice, the title selection of popular keywords and so on. Art requirements, the main colors of the web site, most links must be text links, picture size settings, etc., the site directory arrangement, page SEO optimization settings, and so on. Through this system requirements, can begin to maintain reasonable norms, for long-term development or site rectification. At present, many personal Adsense is think of where to go, what is more a day three, visitors rather baffling the search engine spiders, even also confused.

3 page, keywords, keyword set management in the website, if the text of the page this keyword automatically link to that page specified in the website, using this form of keywords can increase the range of search engines, and allows users to click on the website more pages to.

4, on the site each column should be paid equal attention to, in the channel home, the design should attach equal importance to the column, the design into a unified style, important content is placed in the upper part, and many personal webmaster, especially some webmaster, the channel page arrangement is very messy, users can not understand the classification of sites, is not easy browse, look like a garbage station. Such as "", "rice" is a good rice, garbage page of a mess, it is a pity,


5, the site to enhance human services, such as obvious sites in the prompt: "today, Shanghai overcast light rain, the temperature of 26-30 degrees Celsius, go out, please remember to take an umbrella."." Because this kind of hint can strengthen the user’s affection to the website, increase website viscosity.

6, at the bottom of the site and other significant position to leave your QQ, mail and other contact information, so that your users can contact you when there is a problem.

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