How do you get your first 1000 users Start with stupid things


story from hotmail. In 1996 two the engineer wants to go it alone on his own, but they are afraid of their own mail by the boss to see, so do a mail system based on Web pages, this is the predecessor of hotmail. The results of this free time to get out of the product immediately get the investment, but the real launch of the market when it was mediocre.

at that time most of the company’s promotional products are generous to buy large billboards and radio advertising. Hotmail did not use the usual way, but in each of the hotmail issued by the end of the e-mail, automatic signature: "dear, you can also use the same as I Hotmail free mailbox." This now seems very common action, viral transmission at the time but has the innovation significance.

in the next few days, hotmail users to 3000 people per day explosive growth rate, the first of the 1 million users in just a few months to complete the cumulative, the second in the next 5 weeks to achieve the 1 million. At that time, the growth of how amazing it is a small story, the founder of Bhatia to his friend in India sent a message, 3 weeks after the India market has accumulated a total of 300 thousand users. This fierce growth momentum has been maintained, when 1 and a half after the sale to Microsoft, the number of hotmail users reached 12 million, to know that the global number of Internet users was only a mere $70 million.

since then, about growth of product releases and users of all start-ups will be referred to Hotmail, hoping to replicate its success, with only a single function, a tactic, a method of quickly off the market. We all think that a start-up company in the early or not is a rapid outbreak, or is dead.

, however, the failure of start-up companies are the same, the success of the start-up companies can not be copied.

Paul Graham YC in Sorghum incubator for entrepreneurs a proposal is the most Do things don’t scale. in the early start-up companies, you can’t wait for the users themselves, but to take the initiative to a customer.

start-up companies to start from the stupid thing.

whether in foreign or domestic, many of the successful start-up companies first access to the user’s approach seems to be so stupid". These "stupid" method is usually only in the earliest stages of seed users at that stage, they have to carry out large-scale, they appear to be very slow, difficult, demanding money… These things seem stupid, they are a company from 0 to 1. Without the earliest 0 to 1, there would be no later than 1 to 10, from 10 to 100.

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