A loyal not written original webmaster not good webmaster

      write this title, I feel cold, as if to see countless bricks to shoot me. I think I have offended many master, because the master station also do many never have their own original written articles, either complete or artificial copy collector, a little bit to a pseudo original realm.

      boast that my writing is ok! But from the station since no real written text, in addition to the forum some short posts, even soft, too lazy to write, since the www.zhong-blog.com blog, I put all the experience, are recorded in the diary blog. This is the initial soft bar! That’s why I really realized how vast the text was in the internet! So then went on to build a www.0757seo.com, from the establishment until now has been insisting on the original, a few days to write an article, 50 days is coming. This station also has 3000IP. Thank you very much for 1/3000, who is looking at this blog post! At the same time my original articles are also major websites, such as the well-known A5, Tui18, webmaster network focus on popular sites such as webmaster, this blog invisible to the increase in the number of the chain and publicity for my personal. I believe that all this is original and truly shared to be rewarded.

      soft power, as I said, it is absolutely better than the SEO effect is poor, said my current blog, basically did not engage in SEO, the basic flow is directly enter the URL, I think most is caused by the spread of the text? Many of my friends understand the advertising articles, in fact I think otherwise, the real significance of the soft is about sharing, share, I think in addition to share and to get paid, in fact, is so soft, a real success is soft, which contains the information you need, which also contains the information to be transmitted, I think this is a real share. For example, I wrote a lot of articles, talk about SEO second step: how to reasonably distribute your keywords, which took my own blog as a case, keyword distribution explanation. My this soft Wen, I think everyone should not hate it! Because you really know how to distribute keywords properly, is it important to make a case? As we often see on TV, "host costumes are provided by XXX", which is itself the soft soap advertisement in this program, but will he influence you to watch this program? I don’t think so! So some webmaster and SEO practitioners for soft or less sensitive, more play some share spirit, get at the same time also want to know how to give.

      set up 0757seo this blog, but also I feel that I am really a webmaster, although I said I helped other companies to take care of websites before

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