Website record was forced to log in the end embarrassed who

in April 26th, the Ministry website a paragraph are not even the basic division of the notice, and finally in a few months after the implementation of the policy record high, began exposing scandalous admit the existence of market agent for the record. But the reality of the situation, not exactly as described in the notice, the agency must not be formal record. In many cases, the agent does not need to take pictures in person, but the record number is very fast, and there is almost no difference between the record and the filing by the server provider. The announcement reveals only superficial phenomena, and it is more important to think through the phenomena. On the one hand, spread of false registration information and the record of the market, let the industry communication administration ministry and around is very embarrassing; on the other hand, the record number should be canceled, so many webmasters can not accept. Because there is no record number, the site can not run, and the resulting loss is only the owners themselves silently.



one, the survival under the policy of filing quite reluctantly,

said that the record, I do not know how many webmaster can calm down, specializing in website production or IDC operation of the company, I believe the same deep feeling. Since the strict implementation of the record high pressure policy, a large number of owners have gone abroad is evidence. The host and domain name transfer to offshore sites, most of the content is legitimate, stable and fast and abandon the territory of the host so absolutely is upset. Is the "strike hard storm" gradually away today, even if very formal website is very standardized for the record, the record number will be canceled as a result of various reasons. Plus now the filing process needs through information input, signed photo scan license, the communications authority audit procedure is very tedious to stationmaster of a lot of individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises.

When the

filing policy was enforced, many small and medium sized IDC enterprises immediately came to the end of their lives. Of course, there are many strong operators, the risk of converting into opportunities, and successfully converted into the market. Increasingly stringent filing policies, when the wind four onwards, many large IDC enterprises began to register companies in Hongkong and the United States, the sale of overseas hosts. Is a lot of the main domestic host service providers, but also to URL forwarding, CDN mirroring and so on, to bypass the record, so that the customer website as soon as possible online. Only when it is closely related to the market, can the users consider it honestly, while the regulatory authorities only know the implementation of the program. Who will take account of the survival of the enterprise and the feelings of the users?

two, the record for the prosperity of the market caused by worries

although the new record before the implementation of the new deal, but also the existence of different levels of agent for the record. However, the increasingly stringent regulatory policy implementation, undoubtedly more to promote the prosperity of the proxy filing market. That the Ministry of industry across the board, agent for the record is through informal channels, some more. In reality, there are two kinds of proxy filing, one is the shared record entity, >

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