Why does little know enough to win a place in question and answer

said know maybe a lot of people don’t know much about it, if you want to open the history of it, you will find it was once very brilliant, played the known users should know, know the mode of development of a close loop in the first place, not everyone can enter know this platform the knowledge of the world, want to enter must invite code. Therefore, in nearly two or three years, know the invitation code has always been one of Taobao’s "hot" commodities, "speculation" to the hundred yuan high prices are also common. The reasons for this also indirectly reveal the charm of a small web site.

in recent years, almost always break the conventional business model, after adopting the open policy, the user group immediately maintained an alarming growth rate. No matter how much outside the market pressure, but always affect the survival of the road can not know, it can be said that the two ears do not hear out of the window, he still Youziyouwei, such a situation is very confusing, the analysis of how to know almost constantly answering performance gains.

knows its own convenience. As long as you see the knowledge of the page, this is the "cloak" people will immediately love it, the reason is very simple, too simple, too simple, at a glance, and does not require complex thinking to operate the plane, this is undoubtedly a great advantage on the success of knowledge. It is said that, the mode of the single application, or not a precedent, is to complete with convenient in apple, WeChat’s original idea on the road, and have gained great achievements, and keep to the present. This point we must clearly recognize that simply don’t represent the useless, often because of convenient and can get unexpected success. Review of the development process of knowledge, you can clearly see the know have been keeping this convenient itself, through the actual application gives users the convenience of continuous improvement, is welcomed by the people.

knows about websites, and more like forums. Familiar with the knowledge of the people know that in no known rating system on the platform, a principle of equality, why not set the level? This is a business philosophy is different, not what to say, but it is the result of the effect is very good, but the popularity continues to grow, in the economy some bad environment is so fierce competition, but in the Bushengbukeng known to upstream, does make a lot of people for a surprise. We know that the operation mode of the platform, it is looking at a quiz website, it will feel like this is a forum, this is the use of its advantages, it is a two pronged approach, both, absorb each director website and forum, really play the known specialty. No matter how to doubt, this is the innovation of knowledge, through the principle of equality and advantages of all users, allowing users a new experience, and can live together on such a platform.

knows to share quality with a share. You can think of the beginning of the adoption of a closed loop development model, but is to limit the number of users, in order to improve their own quality, is conducive to brand building

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