The local station is profitable Please be prepared

08 is an extraordinary year, the Olympic Games a complete success, the national economic growth, the development of personal website speed and provided a higher level, with more than a year rate of 30% is expected to rise rapidly, 09 years of personal website will reach 420 thousand, the rise of personal website to promote the development of the Internet, and with its incomparable the advantage of enriching people’s life. With the emergence of a large number of personal websites, personal websites have become more and more difficult, because the era of hao123 has passed, and opportunities have become less and less, 08 years for individual owners is also a challenge.

then, personal Adsense still have a better way out? And what kind of profit Road,


the answer is yes, there is a way out, I will actually operate some of the experience of the local website to talk about personal views on the local website.

08 years to lay a foundation, 09 years to do work, Emperor

webmaster must be diligent, have dreams, have ideas, love learning, be willing to explore, communicate well, have long-term vision, insist on, and most importantly, have a strong executive power.

is a person’s dream is not a dream stream of power, nor the motive power of entrepreneurial passion, do everything is now in order to be achieved a dream in the deep heart of wealth, may be ambitious. Have a dream is very good, but the best is an impossible dream, the dream too far or not good, my principle is not 889, just one thousand or two thousand blocks. Because the bigger the hope, the bigger the disappointment, the more you can, and if you want to get rich overnight, you can study the lottery.

thought is the soul of a person. It is the lifeblood of the whole process of entrepreneurship. Without the guidance of the correct thinking, the whole process may fail and the website will not mature step by step and become perfect.

is more diligent and execution of hook, lazy stationmaster does not have what the future profitability of the webmaster want to try, because you want to do a lot of things, salesmen, artists, programmers, boss, both physically or mentally for personal Adsense is a test, because is not hard, no execution, also do not talk about what profit.

willing to explore, good communication in the whole process also plays an important role in personal webmaster is not God, the idea itself is limited, personal ability is limited, can hardly be avoided the difficulties and problems in the development of the site will encounter a variety of, especially in the study of profit model and website promotion, this time to do with others what kind of people exchanges, and exchanges will have more value and how to study and how to implement the new strategy, and so on, all cannot do without it.

long-term vision alone, individual stationmaster often quick success, but the network development situation of each region are not the same, the network business environment in this area is not the same, this time may not be profitable, if you want to profit, if there is a profit point, this time is more likely to need webmaster >

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