Small and medium sized webmaster want to raise their children to run a web site


I’ve always looked at a website as a living body, not a line of boring code, and a station is like raising a child.

how do we develop a useful child,


a man should have a soul, a character, and a life force. This is the three basic point we should train. Then, a website’s location is flexible, the highlight of the website is character, and strategy is the source of vitality.

a bad site is like a body without a soul. You don’t know what you’re doing, and you don’t know where you’re going. A site without flexibility, but also a no personality Web site, it seems to have everything, but nothing, such sites are doomed to live.

, for example, you also want to have a comprehensive entertainment site like Tencent, then you can’t succeed. But you can narrow it down and make it an online comic book site or game community, and if you have this kind of resources on hand, there may be a glimmer of hope. Another example: you want to be a trading platform like Taobao, and it’s doomed to fail. But you can narrow down the scope and reduce it, just do a trading platform for the campus, or even do the campus trading platform in Guangzhou, you may succeed.

then what are the possible aspects of the site’s positioning,


1. can not just think of profits or see other people’s current money situation, to analyze their own advantages at hand

is the most basic example, whether the function of the website can achieve technical support website, how to solve, as required, so the budget is good; and the maintenance of information sources to be considered good; if it is to do products, cooperation with suppliers should also be considered. I have a friend who is engaged in SEO or construction sites, and several of them together to build a SEO knowledge platform, although there is no what big head, but at least they do their good work, so other than do not understand or do not understand the SEO website design are more likely to do it. That’s what I call "the advantage at hand."".

2. current analysis of the market

the main vertical analysis, we do this site is not because we see others succeed, but because we see a few others see the bright spot, or see its development trend. For example, with China’s opening to the outside world, foreigners have increased their interest in Chinese culture. However, language communication and international logistics status is the main factors influencing the long-term parties to the transaction and, if you see this trend and can think of some can solve the problem of the way, or you know these factors will be the next one or two years is greatly reduced, so this is a very good market.

What’s the highlight of the

3. site?

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