Sichuan Meishan college students to guide and guide the village to promote entrepreneurship

college graduate Village Officials in addition to play a role in rural management, but also opened up a new field of development, that is, to lead the villagers to get rich. Let people learn to use advanced technology to embark on the road out of poverty.

1 on Sept. 26, 4 groups of double Lin Cun town, Meishan city Danleng group, college-graduate village official Yuan Linmei with more than and 20 villagers in the newly built city college-graduate village official entrepreneurship demonstration base planted crisp red plum. "The village official takes the lead in starting an undertaking, we follow the benefit, this barren mountain wants to become the golden mountain." Poor family Yao Guijun said excitedly. Village cadres to take the lead, people with poverty.

Bai Guo Xiang


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