Two years to do the Webmaster do not earn much feel some

from the beginning of the third year to do, buy the first space, do the first site began, and now, more than two years, and review, feel that every day is very hard, but every day or tireless in doing the site.

first I listened to others Huyou, do Wangzhuan can make money, think of their Internet scattered time to earn some money is good. And they began to " ", ha ha, Wangzhuan; now think I feel too simple, Wangzhuan, temptation name, actually there are 99% people but others make money props, I just half a year when the props, what point hook, mail survey. Not earning a penny.

but in the process, I began to have a strong interest in the website. And began to do it. 100 yuan to buy a 100M space (at that time really silly, so expensive space also buy. ) started the first site. A web site navigation station, huh?. Not even behind the scenes, just a few HTML pages. As a result, adding ads depends on DW editing. 3 or 5 IP a day is a surprise.

second is a website download station, all is hotlinking, with new cloud system, during which I learned to acquisition, problem is, my space does not support the acquisition….. I had to collect the content on my computer every day and upload the database. A great deal of repetition. But I quickly found that this space does not support domain forwarding, is hotlinking cannot download. So the download station which can not be downloaded to any resource is put aside. I am busy with the six grade of english.

is back. My website is a long time ago. I forgot what my password is.

later, feel that recruitment sites are very good, so with the edge of the talent system to do one, and then I am very depressed to find their recruitment station, only people looking for work, no one released work.

miss the point anyway, busy for more than a year, did not earn a penny.

is trying to do a QQ garbage station, relative with the first few is some 2 months later, Baidu started to bring me the traffic is rising every day, I found myself inadvertently several keywords do engine first, then flow from tens to one hundred to one hundred. Two hundred, two hundred to six hundred, six hundred to eight hundred, on the site on the upgrade, when earn some money from the advertisement of the mom, I had to come up with all of the energy to do the graduation thesis, and then travel around the country to find work.

delayed more than 2 months, when back to see, the site is not when hackers have hacked, grandma, despise hackers!


is still doing the station, and now still a no money station, huh, huh?. I contacted many webmaster, and I think there are a lot of similar experiences, now put the experience of their own and we used to share the hope that all the small owners do not make money retain a passion.

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