Treat customers with more trust

is now doing business is not good to do, what kind of situation will encounter, what customers have, not to owe phenomenon is often. Because of this, there will be many shopkeepers would not dare to promise to the customer credit. Here, Xiao Bian stressed that we need a little more trust in the treatment of customers, so as to keep the store more customers.

the day before yesterday, a customer come to my shop to buy a box of blue and white sand, he complained of a cigarette, go out in the morning, downstairs, found no smoke, money also forgot, smoking is busy, also don’t go upstairs, thinking over the years, his shop in the gate area came out, I do not know how much to buy cigarettes, although not on friendship, but at least there is passion, the owner of a face, with a box of cigarettes, not worry!

money is not much, and so on down the stairs, and then returned to the owner of the money is not it? He thought into the store, to express their own ideas, the owner is not from about a lot of complaints, gave a lot of examples, each example can let him hear as if it were meant to insult him, his anger with frustration, feel no face.

think he also regret, a momentary fluke makes this unnecessary trouble, he said: "this is also upstairs to take the money and go farther away, walked to the store to buy cigarettes to you, swear not to the store consumption." I said: "in fact, I often encounter some debts not yet, think can also understand that the owner, every credit must also say, few accounts, these individuals have some luck, do business earn two money is really not easy." The customer said: "I was in his shop to buy things is not a year and two years, he made me do not know how many 10 yuan, and send me again? And I also not bad credit people."

in our business, does have a lot of bad credit customers. There is a saying "emergency does not save the poor", when we in the face of current social bad phenomenon, dealing with the relationship between the customer and the old debts, the premise is not necessarily long-term credit, but the customer emergency, emotionally appropriate can help you, I’m honest and trustworthy, as long as the customer can pay off old customers or old customer, people want is a kind of long-term credit relationship. Now the people are very short of money, but the sentiment is still the most credibility.

said that although the bad credit customers is indeed a lot, but there are a lot of regular daily shopping is what it is to deal with this customer, crystal clear, if we can more trust, can undoubtedly get the customer approval, and then let the store can have a huge customer base, the business can be more popular.


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