How to avoid virus infection

 :     in the virus flooding today, there is no killing software can guarantee that you will not be infected with the virus, so the best way to avoid the virus infection is to develop good habits of the internet.

      my personal Internet is not equipped with anti-virus software installed, only 360 security guards, the main memory is too small, the CPU: Celeron M1.3 memory: 512MB, this configuration can not install antivirus software at all.

      I don’t need antivirus software; there are three main factors. The first anti-virus software is often mistakenly deleted false love, some friends in the system after a period of time after the emergence of a lot of the problem is to delete the file system; the memory is very large, too scary for me; antivirus software set up a special complex also occasionally pop up a warning box and look like website pop ads almost looks like it is not pleasing to the eye.

, here is my experience in the last few years without using antivirus software to surf the Internet:

Try not to open the

first. They are not familiar with website, if you must open the can first use Baidu Baidu snapshot to see, to see if there is the content they need if there is no need to open, if there is opened to see him open speed is normal if not normal to you is nine out of ten virus in computer next, have this the best site is immediately shut down, he and some other website content generally will also have after all he is not what station.

second. Download less software at a non professional download site. What kind of plugins and stuff will there be even if there are no viruses?.

third. When you download the software size and the actual size of the software does not meet the one hundred percent do not not good stuff, you should say the next Office software can download software size only 1MB this is certainly not Office, not what other plugin is what is most likely the virus.

fourth.QQ message link to see XXX, part of the domain name is not familiar to you, if not familiar with if you ask your friend the link above is not his hair, like said, what did you win you do not believe, his domain name is this only but he is setting a two level domain. and which belongs to two domain.

fifth. This is human. Don’t visit unhealthy websites. This is the social scene of many viruses.

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