Webmaster share teach you how to build self media in a short time

Since the advent of WeChat

platform, WeChat since the media has been popular on both sides of the Changjiang River and mobile terminal, the gap in the market, there is relationship between human nature and convenient service platform, also has a relationship with the people’s psychological needs. However, the same platform, why some people are able to use the media as the focus of the public, some people are always just other people’s fans". This is related to how to create a successful WeChat from the media? It should be two reasons, there are reasons to the WeChat platform, innovative research and development, has introduced some new experience new features, to create a more human self media platform; users have personal reasons, to create a successful WeChat from the media, since the media people should firmly grasp the five elements of success.

first, grab the freshness of reading. The effective use of WeChat’s public platform, from the media window itself, is in some ways better than this micro-blog, and mobile coverage is more freedom. The first thing to do is to seize the novelty of the user’s reading, a look will attract the kind of eye, the form of fresh expression has many, involving content and title to novel. Next is oneself excels in the content, the picture is also good, the writing is also good, suitably exaggerates also is possible, all is best direct, the accurate localization crowd of attention, naturally has grasped the user’s attention. Finally, we need to be able to hold our interest in reading, especially to a certain degree of empathy.

second, do the sensitivity of the content. Not in violation of any laws and regulations at the same time, we added some sensitive issues, recent events, common concern, put forward some new point of view, the best is the prediction and analysis of the future, can also now recollection of the past, the sensitivity of the issue in some time to influence from the media attention. Sensitivity is more often a reflection of personal awareness. Sometimes this problem happens to you. You can’t realize it without wasting your time. You miss the best time to publish. Since the content of the media can be said to be all aspects, it is necessary to do a lot of effort to do the sensitivity of content. These will determine the question of what to do from the media platform, the areas to be involved and positioning issues.

third offers valuable ideas. After a good sense of freshness and sensitivity, it is best to achieve the value of sublimation, and must resist and get out of that low taste. If the range from the media platform involves a wide, stand very high, far point of view, slowly express the contents of some flavor, provides many values, will keep people, will get more people to pay attention to. This identity is not only in the sense of fresh, many are in terms of value, we must avoid the emptiness and unrealistic content, we provide what is feasible to a certain extent, we think after reading is such a thing, to help them solve problems, to learn to play the role, this is our own media platforms value.

fourth, to properly promote publicity. From the media

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