Snapchat CEO for graduates entrepreneurship said these 3 words

24 year old

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel are not born a refined and cultured, the thoughtful gentleman.

last year, when he was sent to school in Stanford University, an e-mail was leaked, he said in the message with the word "gentleman" is not a test. Due to the content of the message is too indecent, we will no longer spread here, if you are interested, you can go here to take a look at yourself: link

in many people’s eyes, Spiegel is a very polite person, after seeing this message, you may be hard to believe that these words from his mouth. However, people are constantly mature, after several years of experience, Spiegel has become more stable and wise. Recently, he was invited to speak at a university graduation ceremony, to know that I did not graduate from school Spiegel. But in the circle of science and technology, did not finish the university is not like what shameful thing, sometimes even a bragging rights.

is more interested in putting time and experience on developing Snapchat than eating books, Spiegel. The mobile messaging service successfully captured the hearts of hundreds of millions of users, using the people to send messages, pictures and video content, and these content after being the reading, automatically disappear within 10 seconds. This is a time very hot burn after reading application.

is a company that swept the mobile messaging application market in a very short period of time, of course, their growth path is not Everything is going smoothly. like many other companies, they also encountered challenges and difficulties, such as leaks, theft of user accounts and accused of plagiarism of others’ creativity. But as the company’s co-founder and CEO, Spiegel has been able to make a wise response, leading enterprises out of the quagmire.

about a year and a half ago, Spiegel rejected a $3 billion takeover bid from Facebook. When the news was leaked, the common reaction is not understood, even accused Spiegel of the move is not mature, even arrogant. But despite the criticism, Spiegel has successfully used the fact to give these people a strong response. Earlier this year, the news that Snapchat successfully received a round of $200 million financing, led by Alibaba. After the financing, Snapchat valuation reached $15 billion. And Spiegel has become the world’s most powerful billionaire. So far, we found that once seemed arrogant collegedropout are engaged in a great cause.

at this time, Spiegel in southern California Marshall university graduation speech, the speech also let people see his other side.

In this lecture, Spiegel

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