s it true that Shanghai is Taihu

in our lives, our lives will produce a lot of garbage, garbage disposal for these people have a lot of ways. However, as an international metropolis of Shanghai, how do they deal with garbage? The following and Xiaobian together to understand, Shanghai garbage down Taihu is true?

7 month 5 days, in Suzhou Wuzhong District Jinting town Taihu, a lot of garbage piled up. Life waste, brick, old wood…… These mountains of rubbish now actually appear in the boundless expanse of blue side of Taihu.

recently, there are about 4000 tons of living and construction waste from Shanghai to be arrested in violation of the Western Hills, Suzhou, Taihu, was calculated, the results show that the incident area related to the total weight of more than 20 thousand tons of garbage. A running sand transport owner introduced, here is the dumping of garbage from June 12th, two or three tons of cargo ship to ship sanwubo every day until July 1st, the relevant departments investigate.

, who lives nearby, Ms. Shen complained that the rubbish after stink, flies everywhere. Currently, someone’s 8 garbage transport ship was detained by the maritime sector. Reporter survey found that illegal garbage Sinotrans has formed a chain of interests, city garbage by subcontracting hands down, each layer of profits are amazing.

cargo ship in the detention of an aircraft carrier 00008, said the ship, when the ship stopped in some waters of Shanghai, there are large trucks to transport the garbage to the ship, a middleman to allow them to open the ship to the pier near Suzhou, Taihu. "Carrying a cargo of about 2000 yuan, the money can be unloaded. I don’t know what it is." An industry source, shipped from Shanghai to Suzhou or Wuxi, the owner of the price to be more than twice the cost of ordinary gravel. Middleman can profit from at least 30 yuan / ton, for the people to find the site of dumping of waste profit of about $5 / ton, in addition to unloading garbage, landfill waste personnel can also get a cup of soup.

it is understood that the relevant departments of Shanghai staff has arrived at the scene to investigate the source of garbage, and the joint disposal of this event in Suzhou. Suzhou, Wuxi and other places a number of grass-roots environmental protection and the city staff believe that this inter provincial dumping behavior, the essence is to dispose of waste disposal costs. Around the need to improve the awareness of a game of chess, strengthen inter regional joint defense.

timely disposal of domestic waste, for the region’s environment has a very good protection. But some unscrupulous businesses, there is no timely disposal of garbage, but inter provincial transport. For such behavior, in fact, the ultimate harm is the human itself.

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