China’s first instant advertising alliance system developed successfully Public comment Zhang Tao st

starting from catering, public comment and expand the parent-child, beauty and so on, the hotel reviews have been carried out for several years. Travel reviews this did not specifically do, but there have been some comments on the scenic spots, which is very large space inside.

Zhuang Chunhui Oriental Morning Post, finance reporter, commentator

      ask easy alliance was founded in early 2007, in order to promote asked. Chinese first Witkey network and development, ask easy alliance with more experienced marketing team, and continuous innovation in the marketing operation mode, launched the rich marketing mode, to meet the diverse needs of the webmaster friends the.

                easy to ask. Ask the union based on the brand advantage, has relatively strong promotion strength, but because of all the independent products, owners do not have to worry about the emergence of advertising a product period abruptly terminated, the station will be put on the long-term advertising. Asked Yi alliance has independent professional technical team, the first domestic instant inquiry statistics system, convenient members to check their performance at any time, in order to grasp the flow of the site. Asked Yi alliance with a stable system platform, safe and reliable payment of credibility, in the industry has established a good reputation. We will be customer satisfaction as our responsibility, to achieve more intimate, more perfect service, unremitting efforts. We believe that we will have a happy cooperation with our webmaster friends.


in overseas markets, reviews have touched Hong Kong, Taiwan, Europe and other places, this is still related to people’s living standards improved, more and more people travel. This part of the content is still active users to add mainly, in addition, we will also do some support, from foreign specialized database companies to buy information import, more standardized. There is no net income from overseas markets.

Zhang Tao: these two or three years, the rise of mobile Internet and buy mode, for the consumer service industry is a great opportunity. From a certain point of view, the public comment network has stood to the new starting line, or a start-up company. In more than two years ago, we have been "two business" was, since then the company scale is also expanding rapidly, founded 7 years prior to 2010, comment about 500 employees, there are currently 3000 people comment, with only two years.

public comment network CEO Zhang Tao data map

2. was founded nearly ten years, do you think the public comment network is still an entrepreneurial company? If the company’s development process division stage, which events do you think can be considered a turning point?

Zhang Tao: first of all, dianping is from food started; the second reason, and people’s living needs, the needs of people from eating began to improve life, generally from the start and then eat, to the development of leisure and pleasure. The higher the income of the area, catering consumption accounted for the proportion of total expenditure is lower, from PV page view, page views, the Shanghai area accounted for the total food reviews website review the amount of 50%~60%, this value in Chengdu is about 70%, and then to see the three line of the city is as high as 70%~80%.


"Shanghai Economic Review" in dianping micro-blog CEO Zhang Tao unabridged edition:

1. in the impression of people, dianping seems and catering information together, do you think the comment on the local life consumption to expand what place? Considered in conjunction with the overseas market

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