Music as SMS alliance invites you to join the cooperationThe development trend of Taobao novice

we all know, in Taobao opened a shop, do good words, is not limited by the local people flow, facing the country’s customers, as long as you do well, make money, it is very easy thing. The most important thing is, no matter how large your store flow is, there is no rent, and this is how the store can not compare. To remove some mixed procedures, procedures. Naturally, the cost is very low, and the price is low.

Taobao customers have been developing for many years, and many of the early Taobao customers have had very high incomes

1, the advertising alliance is numerous, but the real money most quickly, can make money every day or to do the film SMS union advertising, believe that the webmaster is keenly aware of, a slightly larger flow site, do the film SMS alliance advertising, on the income of up to hundreds of yuan even over thousand dollars.

4, we have mobile, Unicom, the whole network exclusive film and television channels, as long as you register to send Commission 20 yuan, online gold panning is very simple, hurry up,


second, convenient for

is different from shopping. You go shopping all afternoon. Maybe the store doesn’t have the products you want. Taobao is different, massive shops, products are all kinds of products you can not find. And all we have to do is move the mouse.

fast new year, and need to buy things also more up, the webmaster is a lazy person, not very willing to move, plus the weather is cold, a lot of thought is to buy in Taobao. Estimate and stationmaster similar friend have a lot of. Stationmaster visits Taobao to compare, do not have what specific collection shop, usually see which home feels satisfied, then pay. But now online cheating, exaggerate the value of goods phenomenon is very serious, in the shop, to buy a satisfactory product really difficult. Yesterday, the webmaster through their own website Taobao window into clothes, many are sold more than 10 million businesses. Stationmaster ponders over, since sell so prosperous, that affirmation is guarantee, but can result, wait for oneself bit by bit to see down, that evaluation of various dissatisfied, and let stationmaster shrink back. Wait until the webmaster really choose a good clothes, one afternoon passed, do not say, feeling more tired than the streets. The webmaster thought for a long time and decided to give some advice to the Taobao guest on this subject.

3, music as text messaging alliance refers to: mutual benefit, reputation first, long-term cooperation. Therefore, we will not buckle, we know that the webmaster website bitter and tired, you get a website each successful registration, including your hard work, we will not buckle your sweat money, we earn a return to our price above.

stands at a buyer’s point of view. What’s the main purpose of buying something on Taobao?

2, music as text messaging League, dedicated by professionals 24 hours a day to deploy channels, to ensure that the uplink rate is the highest at all times, to protect your site traffic variable income high conversion rate.

6, if you cooperate not satisfied, you account less than 80 yuan may also apply for settlement, the Commission will be fully settled on the next day to you.


as a seller, we all know that on Taobao, if your store has no reputation, there is no traffic. It may take one to two months to get a list. For many friends without physical stores, this is very fatal. Some people, in order to increase the store sales, will deliberately exaggerate the real photo processing, to a certain extent, the quality of the goods, and some customers just attracted by these photos, wait until after the purchase of physical to the psychological expectations gap, the next line will be more cautious to buy. In addition, there are a small number of people holding the "one hammer trading, earn a leave" mentality, some inferior products sold to others. This appeared, Taobao above quality uneven quality, buyers difficult choice scene.

first, cheap

what does it all have to do with Taobao passengers,

5, we take the settlement way, as long as the full 80 yuan in your account, the Commission to your bank card account, the commission payable in less than 80 yuan, the cumulative to the next day, until it reaches 80 yuan to pay for you.


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