Open shop good what skills

although any one investor wants to give his shop a good name, but this is actually a skill. Generally speaking, a good name can be achieved only if you have the relevant skills. Then, open shop found a good name and what skills?

follow the progress of the times, many young people either follow the trend or want to start a business, have opened a shop, a lot of people think it is easy to open shop, fact is not like this, first say a first to solve things, is the name, the name also need to have the skills, not just take the name on the line, represents your shop, and shop linked you directly, so how to take a good name?

1. use fewer numbers and letters

believe that we all feel that the numbers and letters more difficult to remember than Chinese characters, the shop name is nothing but want to let customers remember that if you shop name is a string of numbers or letters, will make it difficult to remember, even Chinese characters and digital combination, or Chinese characters and letters with the customer may see 10 times may not remember, the best are the Chinese characters.

2. name and

related products

shop name does not need some too esoteric names, can play some related to the product, so that buyers can see you know the name of your shop shop is what business products, such as your store is engaged in women, then you can play some "the trend of women’s" frontline "brand shop" "the new women’s house", the business products contain your keywords, search women when customers have a great chance will search out your shop, then your shop and product exposure rate will increase a lot.

3. concise

shop name is generally between 4 – 6 words are the most appropriate for short, only two or three words, the name I don’t know how to take too long, eight or nine words will be very difficult to remember, so 4 – 6 words is the most easy to remember, and don’t get some font characters, rare words such as the traditional Chinese characters, not everyone know, online shopping is not all college students, or simply a good, simple name can let people remember.

4. shop advantage

what are the advantages of your shop, also can be reflected in the name, for example you store high credibility, high praise, good sales, the crown can be written on the shop name, it will be more to attract customers, now online shopping, who do not want to buy the product shop is high credibility, good sales. For example, the "Sunshine Garden" reputation childe "integrity shop" and other shops, shop also add these words, let the customer feel a glance of this shop can be trusted.


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