Li Ruigang the true quality of content is always accompanied by idealismHow to retain talents in T

name is "Chinese feast", originally just CMC strategic investment in an advertising marketing company AIT communication conference, but Li Ruigang personally "director", eventually evolve into high quality content of nearly 50 companies owned by the Chinese culture promotion".

"real quality stuff, always with idealism."……"

"I’ve known Uncle Li for 30 years."." Jin Xia said: "the entertainment capital of Uncle Li in the school is the influential man, after graduation for a long period of time, we do not have too much contact, until last year we met again, and saw a cooperation opportunity — the Chinese cultural hope for nearly 50 companies, with a central content of brand marketing."

said to Uncle Li was more noteworthy, the occasion of the conversation.

on the surface, this is just CMC in the marketing territory of a new son, but in fact, seems to reveal CMC’s new strategy: integrated marketing, content realization. Has been a broad layout, and finally ushered in the realization of the value of the node.



the evening of January 9th, CMC announced a strategic investment in AIT spread, which is specialized in providing content integrated marketing services, advertising and marketing company, is the president of Fudan University in Li Ruigang, fellow sister Jin xia.

some time ago, occasionally see an article of the "innovation entrepreneur Zhang Mo Lisi is the biggest winner", such a paragraph in the text: "in the new economic era, great changes have taken place in people’s concept of employee loyalty to the company. Almost all gone, but the occupation loyalty increases." Here’s an example: if you meet a stranger at an American cocktail party, ask him what he’s doing. The usual answer was, "I’m in a company. What’s my job?"." The answer is usually "I’m creative artist" creative artist."

finally added is? Leader whenever charisma is very strong, the personality trait of infected employees, under natural high loyalty. This is the author’s inspiration for playing the Stone Age Game: when you catch pets in the wild, the higher your charisma index, the more likely you are to catch them. In battle, if your charisma is too low, your…

Abstract: the 3 major points of concern: Ruigang head content, media iteration, on-site experience.

CMC integration of nearly 50 companies, head content, Baotuan realized

"many people chase her to the new three board listed, do all kinds of capital operation.". But I told her, "I’m on a long line, and I won’t be able to cash it so soon."

The evening of January 9th

"2017, CMC will continue to focus on the head content, so that idealism, professionalism, professional ethics to re become the basic value of the industry demands."

star studded scene, quite a "CCTV gold resources bidding" mean, and like CMC, for its company to do a collective investment dinner investment institutions, there has been no precedent.

What the

the quality of company founder CMC map of the star turns on stage, which include COO Cao Zhigao, founder of Sun Moon Stars Yi Hua, Tang Lijun, founder of the new faction gravitational film President Jiang Wei, including "Chinese new song" 2 "Nirvana in Fire" dry "Dancing" Kun "shark" and so a large number of head the content, and invited customers, including Master Kong, HSBC, Pfizer and so on.

CMC, head of Mr Li first public speech on 2017 in Shanghai, and talked about the Chinese culture in the 3 focus in 2017: the head media content, iteration, on-site experience.

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